Hi! My name is Alex Shatkowski,
I am from Poland, Kraków,
and I have offer for you:

TryMyJob: Startup Founder in trymyjob

After 1 working day, for FREE,

Working with me at my workplace: Coworking office desk, you will:

Find out how to:

You will meet with the founder of TryMyJob, find out the reasons for creating the site, a vision and prospects of the project.
You will find out what programs I use.
You will find out what programming languages are used.
You will find out some secrets of service.
You can offer your ideas.
You can test the new features.
You know how much work per day.
Also, we will have lunch at my favorite cafe.
I will give you advice on launching a startup.
(earned money will be spent on development of service.)

But before reply make shure that you have:

Do not smoke, be sober, take your laptop or tablet

So! If you want to try my job: Startup Founder, and discover this profession, please reply:

if your know someone who want to try this job, share link to your friend: